Stop the Pump

Legacy Co-op Yorkton STOP THE PUMP is back! Get entered the week just before the long weekend! Listen for the cue!

Be the closest guess on our Facebook post (without going over), and you could be our grand prize winner. That's if our "ON-AIR CONTESTANT" fails to stop the buzzer in time.  Your chance to play on-air comes from listening to Jordan and Randy on The Rockin' Big Breakfast (6am to 9am)!

A&W Music Madness


Listen daily at 4:30pm to try and guess the scrambled music clip and have a chance to win a meal on A&W.


Bunch for Lunch


Make a song request during the All Request Lunch, and your name is entered to win a bouquet of flowers from Grower Direct and the Welcome Gift Shop. Draw every Friday during the All Request Lunch. 



306-783-5160 or 1-855-449-5160