Please see our Feature Shows page for more information about our programs.

Weekday Schedule

Monday to Friday

 12:00 am                        In Touch (Repeat of Previous Day - Tuesday to Saturday)
 12:30 am                        Focus on the Family (Repeat of Previous Day - Tuesday to Saturday)
   6:00 - 10:00 am            Rockin' Big Breakfast 
   8:05 am                        On The Land with Jack Dawes
   8:15 am                        Interiors with Cheryll and Sam - Daily Tips to Make Your Home Simply Sensational
   8:45 am                        Our Daily Bread
 10:00 am                        Focus on the Family - Great Family Value Insights with Jim Daly & John Fuller 
 10:30 am                        In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
 11:00 am                        All You Ever Wanted to Know - Daily ½-Hour Interviews
 12:00 pm                        News, Sports, and On The Land with Jack Dawes
 12:10 pm                        The All Request Lunch - Request Your Favourite Christian Hits. Call 783-5160 or 1-855-449-5160.
   1:00 pm                        Afternoons with Amy
   2:45 pm                        Holy Land Moments
   4:15 pm                        Interiors with Cheryll and Sam
   5:05 pm                        On The Land with Jack Dawes
   5:10 pm                        Five O'Clock Flashback
   6:00 pm                        Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
   6:30 pm                        Science, Scripture & Salvation  

   6:45 pm                        Just Thinking with RZIM
   7:00 pm                        Grace to You with Dr. John MacArthur  
   9:00 pm                        Parkland Filipino Hour (Monday After the First Sunday of Each Month)
 10:00 pm (Mondays)      Ukrainian Hour, hosted by Colette Karapita




Saturday Schedule

  6:00 am                        Heart of the South - with Harold Giesbrecht
  8:00 am                        Adventures in Odyssey - Children's Radio Drama
  8:30 am                        Paws & Tales - Children's Radio Drama
  9:00 am                        Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine hosted by Dr. Bill Maier
10:00 am                        God's Country with Randy King (First Saturday of Each Month)
  1:00 pm                        20 The Countdown Magazine - Top 20 Songs of the Week by William Ryan III
  8:00 pm                        Christian Music Rewind
10:00 pm                        Christian Rock 20

Sunday Schedule


   6:00 am                       Sunday Morning Worship
   7:00 am                       In Touch - Charles Stanley
   7:30 am                       Canada's National Bible Hour
   8:00 am                       Voice of Hope
   9:00 am                       Keep the Faith - 3 Hours of Worship with Keith Stevens & Donna Cruz
   1:00 pm                       20 The Countdown Magazine
   3:00 pm                       The Ukrainian Hour - Hosted by Colette Karapita
   4:00 pm                       The Aboriginal Hour - Includes Story Teller & Tribal Trails
   5:00 pm                       Gaither Homecoming Radio
   6:00 pm                       Sunday Night with the Local Church
   6:30 pm                       Road to Reality
   7:00 pm                       Filipino Hour (First Sunday of Each Month)
   8:00 pm                       God's Country with Randy King (The Sunday After the First Saturday)